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Sanctuary – as refuge, as asylum, as shelter from violence or the
penalties of law – has deep roots in many cultures. In classical Greece,
all temples offered sanctuary, and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi – with
its oracle – was known throughout the Mediterranean world. Sanctuary
continued as a right through the Western tradition in the Roman
Empire and into the Christian era. It is occasionally invoked today
around the globe, with recent examples in areas of sectarian strife and
immigration law challenges.

However, there is another powerful dimension of sanctuary beyond
protection: sanctuary as a place of tolerance and privilege. In this
sense, sanctuary is a place safe for expression, for experimentation, for
revelation. Privilege also involves license: license to define boundaries,
to test them.  This is the powerful dimension explored in The
Sanctuary Project.

In today’s fractured world, sanctuary is elusive. My project intends to
create a place of refuge for the quartet, technicians and audience, and
to invite them to act on the privilege and the license so created - to
reveal themselves and, in turn, be revealed, perhaps transformed.  

– Roger Reynolds with David Curry
October 2007
Logo design by David Curry. Montaged image from a performance of Sanctuary II,
June in Buffalo festival, June 2007.   
Ross Karre, video rendering   Karen Reynolds, image transformation

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The Sanctuary Project
by Roger Reynolds

7 July 2011
Mode Records has just released three versions of Sanctuary on a double DVD set.

The DVD set includes:

1) A complete controlled studio performance which visually focuses on the direct source
of the action, allowing the viewer to see details often lost to the audience. Quite
different from traditional concert documentation, each camera was given its own
staff/score notating the primary concerns of camera angle and proximity. A 100-page, 7-
staff (4 percussion, 3 cameras) score was then used as a constant reference during the
filming of this unique version. (74:15)

2) A complete live performance from Washington, DC’s National Gallery of Art, with the
percussionists spatially distributed through the Gallery’s dramatic interior. (78:33)

3) Excerpts from the outdoor sunset performance at The Salk Institute, La Jolla, Calif.
in its architecturally famous courtyard with a view of the sea — interspersed with
commentary from the composer. (18:46)

More information at the
mode records site here
mode records promo HD:

13 December 2009
Sanctuary was realized on the courtyard of The Salk Institute in La Jolla, California on
October 11, 2008. This production was part of UC San Diego's ArtPower season.

Below are pages which document this performance as well as an interview with
composer Roger Reynolds and Ross Karre of
red fish blue fish focused on a special
CALIT2 studio recording session of
Sanctuary just completed and
The Sanctuary Project overall.

Ross Karre Interview: posted 13 December 2008
Roger Reynolds Interview: posted 29 November 2008
Media Release on Salk Institute Performance
Performance Images from Salk Institute Performance
Sanctuary at the Salk Institute: A Reflection: posted 11 October 2008