The Sanctuary Project: Participants

Roger Reynolds, Composer (UCSD Music)
Steven Schick, Percussionist (UCSD Music)
Miller Puckette, Designer, Max and PD software environments
(UCSD Music)

red fish blue fish      (UCSD Music, see note below)
Current Members:
Greg Stuart  (UCSD Music)
Justin DeHart  (UCSD Music)
Ross Karre  (UCSD Music)
Fabio Oliveira (UCSD Music)

Former Member-participants:
Rob Esler, Gustavo Aguillar, Don Nichols, Mathias Reumert

Josef Kucera, Recording and Sound Engineer (UCSD Music)
Trevor Henthorn, Systems Manager (UCSD Music)
Ian Saxton (Computer Music Research Program, UCSD Music,   
Pei Xiang, Qualcomm Engineer (Computer Music Research PhD
graduate, UCSD Music)
Jacob Sudol (Computer Music Research Program, UCSD Music,

Douglas Ramsey, (Director of Communications, UCSD Division of
Alexander Matthews, (Assistant Producer/Director in the UCSD
Division of Calit2)
Hector Bracho, Media Specialist, UCSD Calit2
Ross Karre, video editing, DVD mastering (UCSD Music)

Steve Antosca, Artistic Director, Contemporary Music Forum/
VERGE ensemble
David Curry, strategy, concept development, documentation
Karen Reynolds, concepts, outreach, and graphics

Shlomo Dubnov, Computer Music Research  (UCSD Music)
Sean Ferguson (
Digital Composition Studios, CIRMMT, McGill
Joseph Malloch (IDMI Laboratory, CIRMMT, McGill University)
Mark Marshall (IDMI Laboratory, CIRMMT, McGill University)
Stephen McAdams, Director of
(Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory, CIRMMT, McGill
Marcelo Wanderley (
IDMI Laboratory, CIRMMT, McGill University)

Peter's Editions (London, New York, Frankfurt) publishes the music of
Roger Reynolds exclusively.

This Sanctuary performance represents the opening concert of a unique,
year-long collaboration between the Contemporary Music Forum and the
Embassy of France, promoting new American and French music. A
consortium of venues in the Washington area are participating in these
events, including The National Gallery of Art, La Maison Française,  the
Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Library of Congress.

Sanctuary is a co-commission by red fish blue fish percussion
ensemble, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Contemporary Music
Forum, and the Randy Hostetler Living Room Fund.

We would like to thank the IDMI Laboratory, CIRMMT, McGill University
(Joseph Malloch, Mark Marshall and Marcelo M. Wanderley) for
technical suggestions on early prototypes of the gesture sensing systems
used in Sanctuary I: Chatter/Clatter.

Contemporary Music Forum
The Contemporary Music Forum has been presenting concerts of new
music to Washington audiences for 34 years. VERGE ensemble, the
performance group of cmf, is the new music ensemble in residence at
the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Throughout its existence, cmf has pioneered the performance of works
involving art and technology, and supported music by American women
composers and Native American composers. This February, VERGE
ensemble looks forward to presenting a special concert of
African-American composers at the Corcoran Gallery.

This past spring, cmf joined Ensemble Aleph at Theatre Dunois in Paris
in May of 2007 for the festival de musique américaine to present four
concerts of American music.

cmf recently performed an all John Cage concert at the National
Gallery in conjunction with the Gallery's Jasper Johns exhibit as part of
their 62nd American Music Festival. Future performances at the Gallery
include a special concert on December 7, 2008 to celebrate the
centennial of American composer Elliott Carter.

red fish blue fish
red fish blue fish is the resident percussion ensemble  of the University
of California, San Diego.The group functions as a laboratory for the
development of new percussion techniques, sounds and music.  The
group has toured widely including performances at Lincoln Center and
the Henry Street Settlement in New York City, the Agora Festival (Paris),
the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Green Umbrella Series, the Centro des
Bellas Artes in Mexico City, and the Percussive Arts Society International
Convention in addition to its regular series at the University of
California, San Diego.

red fish blue fish was ensemble in residence at the 2007 'June in
Buffalo' festival and the featured ensemble at the Taipei International
Percussion Conference in 2008.  The group has recorded for John Zorn's
"Tzadik" label and has recently released a 3CD set of the complete
percussion works of Iannis Xenakis on Mode records to great critical
acclaim.  In the Fall of 2007, red fish blue fish will premiere Roger
Reynolds' evening length "Sanctuary" - a collaborative project that has
been developing for more than four years - at the National Gallery of
Art in Washington DC.
The Sanctuary Project
by Roger Reynolds