performance images

world premiere
National Gallery of Art
East Building Atrium
18 November 2007

The images just below capture Steven Schick's performance of
Clatter/Chatter, the first movement of

Further below are images of the red fish blue fish percussion quartet
performing Oracle and Song, the second and third movements of
Sanctuary. Quartet members include Greg Stuart,  Justin DeHart,
Ross Karre, and Fabio Oliveira.

At bottom of this page is an image of composer Roger Reynolds,
Steven Schick, red fish blue fish and technicians Jacob Sudol and Ian

Please visit the
bios page for additional information on the composer,
the performers and the technicians.

Also see performance images from June in Buffalo Festival 2007

Credits: All photos on this page derived from video footage shot by
Alex Matthews, Calit2, UCSD.  
The Sanctuary Project
by Roger Reynolds
Left to right:
Ross Karre, Steven Schick, Roger Reynolds, Greg Stuart, Fabio Olivera, Justin DeHart, Jacob Sudol, Ian Saxton
[Josef Kucera, not in frame]