at the Salk Institute   
    11 October 2008

Roger Reynolds has spoken of those dimensions of sanctuary beyond
protection and refuge: “…sanctuary as a place of tolerance and
privilege. In this sense, sanctuary is a place safe for expression, for
experimentation, for revelation. Privilege also involves license: license to
define boundaries, to test them…”

Indeed, the vision guiding the Salk Institute can be understood in such
terms - aligned with its stated intent to be “…a unique environment
where scientific discoveries have an important impact on our
understanding of human health.” More than 850 scientific staff enjoy
the “sanctuary” provided by the Salk: a place where they exercise a
license to define and test boundaries, indeed, to move beyond

Sanctuary performed here, then, affirms and amplifies this vision. But
at another level, this performance
drew from and informed in new ways
the powerful architectural achievement of Louis Kahn, and his key
collaborator in its conception, Jonas Salk.

Just as the atrium of I.M. Pei’s East Building of the National Gallery of
Art (Washington, DC) was redefined by
Sanctuary’s premiere in
November 2007, the courtyard of the Salk Institute w
as experienced in
fresh terms during this performance.

Reynolds also speaks of
Sanctuary as an invitation to act on the
privilege and the license its performance creates – an invitation to
audience and performers “to reveal themselves and, in turn, be
revealed, perhaps transformed.”

What space more powerful, what musical experience more inviting,
then, to reveal oneself within, to be revealed and be transformed by…

David Curry
September 2008

Roger Reynolds’s works have been performed in, and many composed
specifically for, significant architectural spaces around the world.
Examples include:

Sanctuary, in I. M. Pei’s East Wing of the National Gallery of Art,
Washington (2007)

ILLUSION, in Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

JUSTICE, in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress’ Jefferson
Building, Washington (2001)
"Doing Justice: Roger Reynolds's Justice Premieres in Great Hall."
Library of Congress Information Bulletin, January 2002:

The Red Act Arias, in London’s Royal Albert Hall (1997)

Chekhov’s Ivanov, in Arata Isosaki’s Art Tower Mito (with director
Tadashi Suzuki), Japan (1992)

VOICESPACE III (Eclipse) in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim
Museum, New York (1980)

Ping, CROSS TALK INTERMEDIA Festival in Kenzo Kange’s Olympic
Gymnasium, Tokyo (1969)
The Sanctuary Project
by Roger Reynolds